Italian Caricature Artist for wedding: Wedding caricatures, Caricature Milan, Como.

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The best ITALIAN CARICATURE ARTIST FOR WEDDING is here! He makes caricatures at weddings and any other event like birthday parties, business and sports events, celebrations. Unique and modern style for just married couples, weddings, caricatures as a present to your beloved. He works for weddings in Como, Milan, Tuscany, Lakes..

Which are the rates of a wedding caricature artist in Italy?

Rates of a high professional service from a caricature artist/portrait painters in Milan or Como are based on the amount of hours required and the travel costs to reach the location of the event from Milan. It is a common and clear issue that no travelling expenses will be charged while the event is within Milan area/province.

Basic service starts from 2 hours up to the entire day. Extra working hours from the basic agreement can be asked directly to the artis during the progress of your event. This is an option that allows to pay only the effective cost of the caricaturist service.

Send your enquire and receive the quotation in few hours!

General offer of caricaturist service for weddings and parties:

If you are looking for the best and complete entertainment service of your wedding and special celebration, inform us that you are also interested on professional music performances. You will be awarded of a special discount on both services! E.g. Caricature artist wedding service Como + Music Wedding performance Como = 10% discount on both services!

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7 useful tips and recommendations to choose the right caricaturist service.

1 – Live caricatures in fast time

The making of speedy, just few minutes, caricatures during your wedding or any other events, allows your guests to have so much fun on it. They will not get bored of a long standing in front of the artist instead. We assure that they will appreciate and enjoy mostly being portrayed in few minutes in a funny way.

Why in the making of caricatures the speed is so important?  
Let’s keep in mind that the drawings of a caricature artist is a service with the goal to entertain your guests with hilarious scenes. A caricature can not be compared to a portrait like the ones can be easily seen in Milan Duomo square. None will seat in front of the caricature artist for long with the risk to get asleep!

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2 – Drawing realised directly with markers available on large paper size

The caricature artist, thanks to his great experience based on years of dedicated events, will draw straight with marker (not pencil). Upon request the artist can provide different paper size even large ones (29,7 x 42 cm) and not only A4 paper size to satisfy any kind of needs.

Furthermore the caricatures will be realised in a very short time and will have a bigger value due to the paper size and the cleanliness of the markers broad.

Wedding couple caricatures for many other uses:

If you are looking for a sparkling touch to your wedding day and celebration, ask for a caricature in advance. You could use or print out your hilarious drawing on every support. Think at you wedding invitations, the wedding table, place holders and so on with just the limit of your fantasy!
Each caricature could be drawn in B&W ink or Colors, up to you the choice. The artist will provide a High Definition file containing your caricature that could be easily printed on any kind of support.

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3 – A caricature artist with a distinctive technique

Artistic drawings and not simple doodles! “A caricature is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching” (ref. Wikipedia). The peculiar technique used by the caricature artist makes any piece unique and comic.

We can argue that any caricature is a real artwork made in few minutes. Our professional caricature artists have the strong capability to choose the right face traits simplifying imperfections and overemphasise humours characteristics. Furthermore the artist will incorporate little details to surprise his subject! Wedding caricatures will always have niche features to make the drawings unique!

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Why the caricature artist’s style is so important?  
Anyone of us appreciate high quality results. A caricature service has to be smart, enchanting, laughable. If all caricatures are realised with emphasis on the same face traits, the results will come out as similar boring and trivial artwork.

4 – Empathy and tactful behaviour

We do not have to forget the right way to choose the proper wedding caricature artist. His liking and discreet behaviour will conquer your guests! We shall remind that his main duty consists on your guests entertainment!

They will enjoy to pose under his directions and will comment and play with others the result of their caricatures. exhilarated and funny moments will be spreader through your wedding or event.

5 – Caricature artist corner with professional tripod

Upon request you can choose to set up a caricaturist corner where the artist can realise artworks quickly to all you wedding guests and all participants to your event. The corner lay out will be created with a professional tripod where we recommend to add, for example, the inscription “Create here your own bonbonniere” with the wedding couple caricature foreground.

No limits to your fantasy to provide your guests a odd memories of your special day!
We definately suggest to use or personalise your bonbonniere with the caricatures sketched by the artist.

6 – Caricature service across the tables

Alternatively to the caricature corner, the caricaturist could move carefully around guest tables with discreet intention to amuse your guests. Caricaturist will entertain smoothly any participants realising single, couple or group artworks. A caricature leads to another…at the end of the event each guest will bring home a nice memory of your special day.

7 – Weddings: theme caricatures, nice just married couples caricatures, live caricatures artwork.

Have you selected a particular theme for your wedding party? Tell us! All caricatures will be drawn following the theme chosen! Country, shabby chic, music themes, and so on, think about the one you like and we will realise themed caricatures amusing and entertaining you and your guests.


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• When you want to surprise your wedding guests: live WEDDING CARICATURE realised in few minutes. A nice memory of your special day.

• When you want to entertain your guests in a business meeting or a private event and celebration: we have the best EVENT CARICATURE ARTISTS in Milan, Como, Varese, Monza, Bergamo, Pavia.

• When you want to attract your clients in a trade fair and leave a good memory of your company exhibition. Caricature artist will provide live drawings in your fair stand, store openings, new product presentations and any other business celebration.

• When you want to reward someone with a unusual and special gift: Bachelor, birthdays, anniversary and so on are typical moments where a CARICATURE will last for long. You can ask to make it on cardboard or in a digital files and print wherever you like. If you do not live in Milan we will make it for you and mail it!

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Caricatures as a gift.

Bachelor caricatures, birthday caricatures, hilarious wedding cartoon, wedding couple funny drawings, etc.

Do you want to celebrate someone with a creative gift? Send us a picture of the person you want to honour with few details of which should be included in the caricature. Our caricaturist will make the artwork on bigger size cardboard. You could choose either to go to Milan and get the piece in person nor asking for the high resolution file via E-mail.
The caricaturist could draw artwork even for wedding couples.


  • send an email with your request

    Fill the form shown in this page at the top right side. Tell us how many subjects you would like to see drawn in the caricature artwork. Specify which are the details that you want to include in the caricature to personalise it. You will receive the final quotation in few hours.

  • Confirm your order

    Send an email to confirm your order to purchase the caricature.

  • Making of and sending the caricature

    We will send you a draft before the completion of the caricature. We will finalise it and send it again to you via email.

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